An Education, Mint Tea and Pork Choppery!

Jessica and her ‘ready reckoner’

So today Team Pugh had a day of learning! Ohhhhh – we’re getting an education (just what Tony Blair ordered)! The day started with Becksie and the kitchen floor learning that Lizzie is not a fan of porridge! Lizzie learnt the art of sorting washing with mummy (Incidentally this is a great game to entertain any small human, all you need is a large space, we use our living room floor, and a pile of clean washing. Simply allocate each family member an area of the floor and sort and sing away – singing is optional but we like to use the tune of ‘here we go round the mulberry bush’ and words along the lines of ‘we are sorting washing out, washing out, washing out’)! The cats learnt that just because 2 of their 3 masters/servants are at home they will not be fed more and when they continue to meeeeoooow the cat flap gets shut! Ian learnt the spray bottle in our kitchen is very nearly empty and that means only one thing – its nearly time to make his homemade spray cleaner (that is so worth following us for)! So all this learnt in a morning – wow and then 1pm struck and it was time for Becksie and Lizzie to skype Uncle Phil to have the next tutorial in all things blog! Regular readers will have noticed a new page on our blog – entitled Recipes! Oooooo watch this space for some delights coming to a blog near you very very soon! All we can say is #thankyouunclephilakaourlovelybrother/brotherinlaw!

After our education we met with some lovely friends for a cup of tea (well technically we went to go to baby clinic but we met them as they were coming out and we decided that we could roughly guess Lizzie’s weight by the weight of her fellow 2012 babies (approx 15lb 7oz). After a lovely time we came home and had a cup of tea, did some hoovering and had a cup of tea! I think one third (Becksie) drinks way too much tea! So for all you other tea bellies out there here’s an idea for a healthy alternative!

Mint tea – Place fresh mint leaves in a mug add hot water and drink!


Mint Tea in hand, dinner was prepared – pork chops with roasted apples (we are still using our stash of apples), roasted carrots, leeks and couscous! Yum!



So all this aside back to the point of this blog, alongside washing sorting, skyping and weight guessing some time was spent today calculating just how much money we have spent in supermarkets since January 1st 2012! Well I can report it’s not too bad (keep visiting our blog for details which are coming your way very soon) but I can reveal that our dirty little secret is erm, our local Budgens! Over dinner a serious conversation took place and we have decided that we will start our challenge on Monday!!!!!!!!!! EXCITING! SCARY!


Remember, remember the 5th of November – the first official day of ‘a year without supermarkets’!



6 thoughts on “An Education, Mint Tea and Pork Choppery!

  1. Is local Budgen’s a supermarket or a large local shop? Today your Mother did something rare, she visited our local shop! Guess her chagrin when she found it closed for re-furbishments. It is about to get bigger and better so the challenge will be to get Mum to shop there.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this! And I would love to try this one soon! Pork chops with roasted apples plus mint tea are truly remarkable! Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas!

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