Little’s Tea Towel Apron!

Little person tools of the trade!

As you may have gathered by now a strong theme in our family is our love of food! We are the kind of folk who sit down to eat one meal and already have our next meal on our mind! Liking good food takes an investment of time both to cook and eat – this is something we are very keen our littlest member embraces from a very young age. She is already doing really well on the weaning front and it is a joy to see her get excited at a new taste or texture so now all we need to work on is the cooking part! But…. we can hear you all thinking ‘she’s not even 6 months yet she can’t be involved in the production of food’ – this is where we disagree! Ok, ok we know she can’t chop the veggies or fry an egg but already we have found many ways of involving her in kitchen activities!

So far we have discovered that she is an excellent wooden spoon holder and sucking on a wooden spoon seems to bring her great delight! With a little help she can hold the spoon in a bowl and play pretend mixing. She can also hear and see us getting excited by the food we are making and it is a pleasure to tell her kitchen tips – she smiles and laughs and we are convinced some of this information will sink in.  She is also fascinated to watch the likes of Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall cook on tv!

It struck us that any good chef needs their own apron and a quick google told us that a tiny person one would set us back about a tenner!  Don’t think so! So a quick look in the fabric cupboard produced a tea towel we got in a multipack a while back that was too nice to dry dishes with. This was not only the right kind of fabric but with some clever cutting it meant we could use some of the original seams saving time and effort!

So here’s what we did……….

Take a clean tea towel, some ribbon, paper and scissors

Make a paper template – we did this my taping 2 sheets of A4 paper together to make the length we require (its difficult to keep a baby still whilst measuring them with paper but hey ho) – fold in half length ways and cut out a curved shape on the open side – open up and then pin to fabric and cut (line the bottom with the existing seam and save sewing time!

Hem all the way around

attached apron strings as shown

add a little pocket – again clever cutting will save seam sowing time!

The finished article

Oh and here’s a photo update of our sprouting seeds – Chickpeas and peas have swelled as promised and we can see a few teeny tiny shoots on the cress seeds!

seeds seeds seeds!


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  1. Once again I’m hugely impressed by your ingenuity! And your challenge has set me thinking about the amount we rely on supermarkets at the expense of the small independent shops

    • Thank you, glad your enjoying the blog 🙂 Please feel free to share with anyone you know who may enjoy it (ps watch out for tomorrows post I’m hoping to feature Jenny’s brownies)!

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