Seedy Sunday and a very healthy bake up!

As we mentioned yesterday we have spectacularly failed to obtain any lettuce or salad leaves this week! Now normally we’d simply pop to Budgens and buy a bag of rocket costing at least £1.00, yes we could still do this as we haven’t yet started our supermarket boycott but already this feels like cheating, oh and our local Budgens is shut for renovation!  So in the spirit of the challenge we must either go without or find another way.

So….. lurking in our junk drawer (does every house have a junk drawer or just us?) were these, from our forgotten gardening adventures which are soon to be revived ……

Seedy or what?

We are both ashamed and grateful we have not opened the packets sooner!

So sprouting seeds galore, Cress, Chickpeas and Green Peas will make us a lovely micro salad for the week, very simple and easy to do.

First off cover a saucer or dish with cotton wool, which thanks to the littlest member of the team we have in abundance, if you are not quite so well stocked kitchen roll or toilet paper will do just fine.


Soak the cotton wool in water, sprinkle the seeds on and leave on a window sill. Voila, job done, in the morning we should have some sproutage! We shall of course keep you all posted.

The Chickpeas and Green Peas are a little more complex, but not much. Find yourself a jam jar, a patch of muslin (or jay cloth) and a rubber band for each. Drop each type of pea into a jar and fill with water, pop the cloth over the top and place the rubber band around it. Tomorrow drain the water through the cloth and fill up with water again. Repeat this each day soon these will be sprouting too!

Chickpeas and peas

As a little Sunday treat we decided on what we like to call a bake up, baked version of the greasy classic fry up! Again ludicrously simple but both healthy and tasty.  Simply take a large oven dish place the required amount of large field mushrooms (from our greengrocer trip), cover with bacon, we also added white pudding (this could be replaced with sausage or black pudding) and bake in the oven (190c) for approximately 15 mins. Add some fresh tomatoes and bake for a further 5 mins then crack an egg per person into a space in the dish and bake until the eggs are cooked (approximately 3 mins). Serve with a warmed pitta bread! The taste of a greasy fry up with very little fat! Yummy! Oh and for the ‘weanee’ amongst us – roasted pumpkin (we made a large batch the other day and froze in portions) and warmed pitta bread.  Yummy!


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  1. Oven fry-up looks amazing. Love sprouting seeds. You can also grow peas on a seed tray lined with wet kitchen roll. Let them grow until sprouts are 3″ high (6cms) Cut off carefully and enjoy. They should then send up a second sprout. Often Wilko sell off seeds at up to 75% off in late Sept. Buy any peas for about 30p. Lidl sell pea seed at about 59p a packet from early March. If you grow peas in the garden leave a few pods to ripen to harvest your own seed.

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