Drop Scones and a few things we have learnt today

So today has been an exciting day, after a bit of a lie in team Pugh embarked on a breakfast of epic proportions – drop scones and fruit or as Ian likes to call them pancakes! Let’s get this straight these are drop scones (they are a) small and b) contain bicarbonate soda) but what’s a drop scone or a pancake between friends?

So here’s the recipe in picture format:

250 grams Self Raising Flour, 35 grams Sugar, 40 grams Melted Butter, 230ml Milk, 2 Eggs, pinch of Bicarbonate of soda

mix it up….
drop into pan and cook until edges start to lift
flip and cook other side

So after the breakfast we embarked on the task of moving Lizzie’s cot into her own bedroom – exciting times! Why do tasks that you think will only take 10 minutes always take hours? Another person asking this question today is Geoff (aka Paul aka Becksie’s little daddy, aka Lizzie’s little granddad). He was instructed by the boss (aka Pauline aka Becksie’s little mummy, aka Lizzie’s little granny) to go to the supermarket to get some supplies. This sounds simple but little daddy being a man of the countryside got caught in the city boy trap! Google told him that Aldi was his best bet – only 4.2 miles away from where he and Leah (aka Becksie’s sister, aka Ian’s sister in law, aka Lizzie’s aunty) had been out walking! So he left the local shop he was near as it was ‘spensive’ and he was not about to pay £1.39 for a cabbage (hold this thought, more info to follow) and drove to the Aldi – he erm hit rush hour city traffic and it took rather a long time! Sad times and perhaps a point for local shops! This had the knock affect of making them late delaying the chicken dinner Pauline had cooked us all! The chicken dinner was enjoyed by all especially Lizzie! The dinner revealed that Pauline thinks she is a fast eater (if you’ve ever eaten with our family you would know that this is a massive joke, we could give any French family a run for their money) and shock horror…………….. Little daddy who has 38 years gardening experience can’t tell the difference between a cabbage and a lettuce! He returned from Aldi avec two cabbages and erm no lettuce! This is an issue as NigellaPauline is entertaining again tomorrow! The lettuce mistake and our failure to purchase any salad leaves this week has given us an idea………. Tune in tomorrow to find out more!!