Apple ‘Saucery’

Apple Fridge Jam

So the challenge of no supermarkets has really got us thinking about the types of food in store in our house and different sources of food.

A short walk away is a large cooking apple tree with apples rotting everywhere so……….. off we went (ironically with our Sainsbury’s carrier) to collect some.

Apples from nature’s supermarket

Now this is something we’ve done previously but only a few at a time (perhaps enough for an apple crumble or pie). With the new challenge in mind we knew that for a little time and effort not only could we have an apple based treat now but a good stock in the freezer to help with future meals.

It took a while to peel the apples, cut out the rotten bits and cut into chunks, but as soon as the kitchen filled with the smell of stewed apples we knew the effort was worth it.

Apple Preparation Station

Half the batch of apples were made into plain apple sauce, perfect as a Sunday lunch accompaniment or, with a little sugar, a filling for a pie or crumble, the other half made into apple fridge jam! Fridge jam is basically fruit compot – it is much lower in sugar than normal jam (therefore it doesn’t keep nearly as long – although it’s very moreish so don’t lose sleep about this point) and its great with porridge for breakfast, with yogurt for lunch and of course with ice cream or cream for pudding!

Here’s the how:

Peel, wash, core, chop apples into chunks. Stew in a large pan until all the chunks have dissolved into a  sauce like consistency.

Add sugar to taste (we used dark brown sugar to get a lovely dark colour but normal white sugar would be just grand) – if you like it sweet add a lot if you like it sour – well add a little, add dried fruit of your choice, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste, leave on the heat until the sugar has dissolved . Allow to cool in freezer pots ready to be defrosted and stored in the fridge. Oh and of course place one pot in your fridge for immediate use.


What a lovely use of food that would otherwise go to waste and not a supermarket apple was harmed in the production of this blog post.

Oh and Paul and Barry chicken have food for tomorrow…………………………………………

After making our apple delights we took some to my parents who exchanged it for……………………………………… a bucket of eating apples from their tree – so I guess we’re back to square one – apple chutney it is then!


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  1. Excellent stuff, great reading. I made some apple compote and swirled some elderberries in just at the end of cooking, you may be able to get some berries but they may now be a bit out of season so very mushy, old and boozy at the end but it would still work if you found some in good condition.

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