Challenge Information!

So………. This blog is all about how we don’t shop in supermarkets, however at the moment we do!!! The plan was to start this challenge on the 1st January 2013 – why???

Well the obvious answer is that as with all things fresh you must start at the right time in your neatest handwriting, for example: every Monday Becksie starts a diet and exercise  regime, every Sunday we put clean sheets on the bed and vow to go to bed at a reasonable time from that day forth. Alarms are set for dead on the hour (i.e. 6.00am) and new diaries / calendars are neatly written and colour coded – We always seem to fail!

So how can we make this challenge different? Well we’re not yet setting a ‘start date’ (although in the back of our minds we have a safety net start date of January the 1st just so we can sleep soundly). We will however promise to have started by 1st January but the start date is to be confirmed! Why? – well in order to really see the true impact of not shopping at supermarkets we need to have something to compare with. It is no good us saying we have managed to live a simpler, cheaper life if we don’t have evidence – so evidence is what we are out to collect. This could take until the 1st of January or it could take until next week – so we guess you’ll have to watch this space (sign up for email updates, follow us on Twitter,, or keep checking back) in order to find out…

Oh and one more thing, tomorrow we are setting out alarm for 7.03am – oooohhh how annoying!! Or is it liberating?